Sunday, November 6, 2011

who is NOT aware?

November has been declared Pimento Cheese Awareness Month:

I was under the assumption that everyone on earth was already aware that this is a delicacy that should have its own food group.  Growning up, I never knew that pimento cheese *gasp* could be bought in a store.  My mother made ours by hand, mixed only with her famous homemade mayonnaise.

She used a twenty pound grinder that we attached to the wooden kitchen table with metal screws that we turned and turned until they were tight enough to hold the grinder upright.  She'd slice from a huge wedge of red rind (hoop) cheese she bought from the butcher at Bennett's Grocery Store.  We were not allowed to squeeze these slices into the grinder, for fear we'd squeeze our own fingers right on to the sharp edges of the grater.

We were allowed to turn the handle round and round, watching with excitement as the grated cheese wound its way out the spout of the grater into my grandmother's heavy 1940's Depression glass bowl used only for cheese grating.

I may not cook, but I still make my pimento and cheese the old-fashioned way.  Minus the 20 lb. grater.

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