Saturday, November 12, 2011

gourmet hot dogs

I worked up an appetite browsing the booths at the Telfair Art Show---especially the artful chocolates (, so I headed out looking for something 

 I found SubDogs HotDoggery at 5 West Broughton.

Now Closed!

As you can see from the menu pictured above, SubDogs has something for anyone who has the occasional craving for a hot dog.  I was overwhelmed by the choices, but the friendly waitress at the bar helped by checking all the "favorites" on a menu:  The Godfather, The Scooter, The Wingdinger, The Fist Pump, The Super Brah, and The Drunken Dog.

That narrowed it down a bit.  I finally settled on the "killer brat topped with Jack Daniels sauteed onions and champagne Dijon aioli"...yep, The Drunken Dog.  The cook delivered it to me before I even had time to fill my cup with Diet Coke.  Listed at $8.50 for the MD (meal deal includes regular fries and a fountain drink), the dog was tucked inside a poppy seed sub roll and covered with the onions and aioli.  Yummy!  The fries were regular fries with the addition of sea salt.

The music in the SubDoggery, a radio station tuned to what billed itself as "rap and r and b," was appalling to me but had the lady next me up and dancing while she waited for her dog.
The SubDoggery:  just average
music:  appalling

The Telfair Art Fair:  excellent
music:  outstanding

Bottles 'n' Cans
photos by ME

Georgia Kyle

The Trainwrecks

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