Saturday, November 13, 2010

waiter rant

One of the first books I read this summer was Waiter Rant by a cynical Steve Dublanica (The Waiter) and it was laugh-out-loud funny. It came out in paperback in Aug. 2009, so I am about a year late in finding it.  You can get an idea of his humor from an article on his blog by the same name.

Below is a humorous list by the NY Times of 100 things restaurant staffers should never do.  Dublanica follows each item on the list with his own commentary.

The book also includes an appendix with rules on how to be a better customer.  Jennifer says it's always a bad sign if the customer walks into a coffee shop and orders hot tea...kind of like when I walk into a coffee shop and order Diet Coke.

You can also read friend Mandy's rules here

can be purchased here

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This foodscape (food landscape) was commissioned in 2009 by the Good Food Channel. Among Warner's renderings of London's landmarks, he designed, set and photographed leek, cucumber and cloves for The Fire of London Monument; bread and cereal for Canary Wharf; melon and green beans for The Dome, and beans, celery, pineapple and more for the Tower Bridge. Photo courtesy of Carl Warner.